Aaron Goodwin's twin?

So, we're tooling around Gettysburg this past Saturday and we stopped in a cigar shop where the clerk told my co-founder, Coleman, that he looked just like Aaron from Ghost Adventures.  I have made this comparison in the past, but he said it's the first time he's heard anybody say this.  What do you think?  Coleman Brumley is pictured on the left, Aaron Goodwin on the right.


Gettysburg Wrapup

SachsBridgeI want to start off by saying this past weekend in Gettysburg was a lot of fun.  We would like to thank the Klinge Brothers and Steve Harris of Everyday Paranormal for hosting a terrific event.  We would also like to thank PRISMd who were called in by the Klinge Brothers to assist with the event and investigation.  We met a lot of great people, ate some great food and had a great time investigating the Historic Fairfield Inn and the old Civil War Orphanage.  As a person who enjoys history and the paranormal, there's no better place to visit than Gettysburg.

TALA Audio

Here is some of the audio evidence we captured from our recent investigation of the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.

This first clip is from the first floor where the spirit  little girl named Lilly is reported to play in a particular room.  We were using a spirit box, which is an AM/FM radio that has been modified to continually scan frequencies.  The device scans 4 frequencies every second making it impossible to capture a full words or sentences from a normal radio broadcast.  While we are still not truly sold on this device providing the best evidence, we have captured some interesting audio.

So, we're in the room that Lilly is reported to reside and within a few seconds of powering on the device, we captured a little girl's voice saying "ABC"


A short while later, we captured this EVP, also on the 1st floor.  We were trying to communicate with a spirit by the name of Ruth.  Ruth was an older patient who was confined to a feeding chair.  It is reported that she roams the hallways of the 1st floor and does not like men.

This EVP was captured as we were trying to communicate with Ruth.  I heard a sigh and asked my partner if that was him that sighed.  He confirmed if was him and we were chuckling.  In the middle of this exchange between us, you can hear a voice say "Did you ever .... I'd come?"  We are unable to make clearly make out the 4th work as this is the point my partner and I are chuckling.  We believe the 4th word is think, but we're not sure.


Here is another EVP we captured while I am asking my partner a question.  A voice says "I didn't know" followed by some more words that we cannot make out.

I didn't know

Here is a clip where we both hear a clip of music being played in the background.


Below are some other clips we captured that aren't quite as clear as the others above.  Please take a listen and feel free to comment on what you think.  Below is also a ZIP file of all the audio that we highly recommend you download and listen from your computer.  We also recommend listening to these clips with headphones.

We think this is a response to a question with the answer "No."


Here are a number of whispers that we cannot make out fully.





Here is a whistle we captured.


A possible growl.


Download all 12 clips here. TALA

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